House of Bread Spiritual Center

House of Bread Spiritual Center 
2012 New Precession Cycle 
Calendar of Events

In the Age of Aquarius it’s NOT an ending, but a new beginning as Mother Earth's, also known as Pachamama, processional cycle begins once again, Earth's pole lifts itself from the galactic waters of life and the evolutionary cycle of the soul begins. Water precipitates from the substance from which stars are born. Mother Earth as a living entity will transcend to another level or frequency of consciousness and a new and special era will begin...

This era will be very positive. 'Lets all begin to rise... The times are here for total Spirithood...The spirit beings, different philosophies, different races must begin to weave together all knowledge to create the tapestry of harmony and balance... The elders ordered much spiritual work bringing together many indigenous tribes from many countries to perform 'planetary acupuncture.'   

As we enter the New Precession Cycle of Mother Earth and the Universe, House of Bread Spiritual Center will serve as a community gathering of all Souls for healing, love and light.

Some healing practice and modalities, such as

Singing Bowls,





Munay Ki,

Rose Ceremonies,

Yoga: Hatha and Vinyasa

and of course Meditation to mention a few

So stay tune for the New House of Bread Spiritual Center 2012 Precession Cycle Event Calendar.

Peace and Blessings to all life!

Namaste, Felix Alvarez